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Distant Shores

Monthly Papal Mission Intention

  • December 2010
    That the peoples of the earth may open their doors to Christ and to His Gospel of peace, brotherhood and justice.
  • November 2010
    That the Churches of Latin America may move ahead with the continent-wide mission proposed by their bishops, making it part of the universal missionary task of the People of God.
  • October 2010
    That the World Mission Day may afford an occasion for understanding that the task of proclaiming Christ is an absolutely necessary service to which the Church is called for the benefit of humanity.
  • September 2010
    That by opening our hearts to love we may put an end to the numerous wars and conflicts which continue to bloody our world.
  • August 2010
    That the Church may be a “home” for all people, ready to open its doors to any who are suffering from racial or religious discrimination, hunger, or wars forcing them to emigrate to other countries.
  • July 2010
    That Christians may strive to offer everywhere, but especially in great urban centers, an effective contribution to the promotion of education, justice, solidarity and peace.
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